ChoiceMaker Products

ChoiceMaker LLC develops and licenses open-source record matching software that helps clients develop high-accuracy and high-volume record linkage systems.

ChoiceMaker Analyzer is a desktop application used to develop record matching logic known as a model. ChoiceMaker Analyzer uses machine learning to train a model to reproduce human matching decisions. ChoiceMaker Analyzer allows analysts to review the predictive accuracy of a model on test data that's separate from the training data.

ChoiceMaker Server is a Java J2EE application that runs a matching model at high speed against millions of records. ChoiceMaker Server is hosted in a Java application servers such as the JBoss and works with common SQL databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. ChoiceMaker Server can perform real-time matching of single records against a master person index (MPI) or batch linkages of millions of records against each other.

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