Open Source Record Matching

Welcome to the ChoiceMaker website. Here you'll find software, documentation, and other resources for identifying or preventing duplicate records in databases.

ChoiceMaker software is a comprehensive and extensible suite of Java-based software that can find matches between people, businesses, places or things. It is useful in a wide-variety of fields and industries.

  •  Maintain patient registries for public health departments.
  •  Conduct epidemiological research using electronic patient records.
  •  Track students for No Child Left Behind programs.
  •  Validate lists of eligible voters.
  •  Consolidate customer records when businesses merge.
  •  Identify similar products offered by different suppliers.
  •  Eliminate duplicates from mailing lists.
ChoiceMaker software is licensed under the Eclipse Public License. Some components are covered by U.S. patents owned by the Open Invention Network.